Accommodation is handled by each participant at his own convenience.

Visit Brussels is pleased to present a selection of hotels around the ISWCS’15 conference venue. The prices include breakfast and city tax.





As the date of ISWCS’15 draws closer, speakers and attendees are from time to time subjected to improper solicitation from third-party housing agencies regarding accommodation. We have been informed that Exhibitors Housing Services (EHS) has been soliciting attendees encouraging them to book a room by phone or email.

Please note that ISWCS’15 Organising Committee does NOT endorse or support EHS in any way.  Housing poachers such as EHS are not authorized to book a room on your behalf and may compromise quality, impose harsh cancellation penalties and in some instances will not even make an official reservation with the hotel.

Brussels Booking Desk (a non-profit service of and the Brussels Hotels Association) is the only official housing partner of ISWCS'15. They will not sollicit you by phone or e-mail to book a room or change your reservation without any prior request from you.

For these reasons, and to support our efforts to give you a quality event, we encourage you to book your housing accommodations using the reservation tools above.

Any offers from other hotels and/or housing agencies are not endorsed by us. Beware of, and report any unauthorized solicitations to our attention at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.